Software Selection

VSC specialises in business analysis and system selection. Our approach is based on establishing a common language of reference, clear documentation and organisation of requirements, and a start to finish methodology known as the Ubiquity Method. Our consultants have many years experience working with business systems across multiple sectors and size of organisation.

We will help you choose an approach that matches the stage you are at:

Business Systems Review

A 3 day kick-off for your system selection process:

  • Interviews with the main stakeholders to establish the business requirements.
  • Desktop research of a selection of currently available systems which can meet the requirements.
  • A report of findings and recommendations for the next steps.

Full System Analysis

You can use this as a second phase to your Business Systems Review; or start here for a fuller analysis:

  • Extended interviews with stakeholders to establish the full set of business requirements.
  • Nominating candidate systems and organising and evaluating demonstrations of them.
  • Feature-by-feature checks against the full set of requirements.
A woman's hand holding a pen and working on a paper report with a laptop in background

Business System Procurement

We will guide you through the selection process, helping you work with potential suppliers to ensure

  • The important requirements can be met
  • The implementation project is suitably scoped
  • Your own organisation is ready to get the maximum benefit from the new system

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