Visual Software Construction

Some VSC Projects


Xledger Implementation Method (XIM) web application. VSC created this ASP.NET MVC Web application to replace an existing spreadsheet for use by the UK Xledger consultants.

VSC advised Marchant and his team about creating this website with WordPress. The site uses the Smart Slider and Yoast SEO plug-ins.

VSC is a partner with David Brohn and e-training systems to produce a new (2017) training platform EOS Online Training. This will initially host academic courses based on David's unique Understanding Structural Behaviour approach to structural engineering. EOS is an ASP.NET MVC5 application with an underlying SQL Server database.

VSC maintains and develops the existing AVAIL Suitability Solutions application. This is a VB.NET MVC web application with an underlying SQL Server database, and an extensive user base.

Ubiquity (Enterprise edition) is now capable of storing Domain-driven Design output and project lifetime data for your entire organisation. Ubiquity is an ASP.NET MVC5 application with a responsive Bootstrap user interface, and SQL Server data.

Our Social Diary written for John Pringle Ltd Summer 2014. Version 1 helps you find things to do in Bristol and Bath. Public website and administration web application, ASP.NET MVC5, Zurb (public web) and Bootstrap (admin web) give responsive user experience. Graphic design by Dirty Design.

Clubhouse written for John Pringle Ltd during 2011/12. Version 2 (released 26 Mar 2013) has graphics by Dirty Design and the application is implemented in MVC3 (C# .NET) with the Razor View Engine and uses a hosted SQL Server database.

IStructE E-Training website (Version 2) written for E-Training Systems Ltd during 2012. This application is written in MVC3 using the ASP.NET Forms View Engine and uses a hosted SQL Server database.

AVIVA Pension Annuity Quick Quote for John Pringle Ltd and AVIVA. VSC has created the John Pringle Annuity Engine to drive a number of annuity quotation Web applications. This project created a quick quote page for AVIVA and was live from July 2008 until Dec 2010.

Job Management System for Job Management Systems Ltd. First released in 1999, this web software provides the key information that helps an organisation to manage projects effectively and to avoid costly overruns by giving directors and project managers control over all the information they need. VSC was responsible for the analysis, design and implementation of this software. Technologies: SQL Server, ASP, JavaScript, ActiveX and ADO data access

Multimedia Viewer for Emergence Ltd. Technologies: VB6, Microsoft Access database with ADO data access. Developed for a CD-ROM produced by Trada Technology Ltd, this application runs from a CD and presents material in a multimedia format using sound, video, slide-show and hypertext. It includes contents and searches.

VSC's first project written in 1996! The Timber Designer Created for QSE Ltd and written in VB6. Calculations for timber members to BS5268. Includes design calculation sheets for printout or transfer to Microsoft Word.