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About VSC

Visual Software Construction Limited was formed in 1996 to provide a framework in which to offer consultancy services in structural engineering, modern software technologies and the combination of the two.

VSC now primarily produces Web applications that require the storage and presentation of data, and has a wide range of clients.

We use state of the art technology to develop Web applications so they are intuitive, responsive, visually appealing and easy for your users to learn.


Mark D Sutton MA MBCS

Visual Software Construction Ltd

7 Cotham Gardens

Bristol BS6 6HD


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Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software.



08 Jan 2019

GX Group

VSC are very happy to be helping GX Group with a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app for one of their current development projects.

01 Sep 2018

Xledger Web XIM

VSC have produced a Web app to replace an existing spreadsheet used to manage Xledger implementations in the UK.

01 Sep 2017

Marchant Barron Words

VSC are delighted to have been asked to advise Marchant and his team about creating this website.

04 Jul 2017

Ubiquity Enterprise

Ubiquity has been revised to deal with enterprise-size complexity - including concepts from the 2015 book 'Domain-Driven Design Reference' by Eric Evans.

03 Aug 2016


We are launching the first training course hosted on the EOS online training platform. EOS Online Training

27 Jan 2015


We are continuing to provide technical resources for the AVAIL Suitability Solutions software.

16 Oct 2014


We are pleased to be helping spidergroup develop their Cloud Computing platform spideroffice in Bristol.

22 Sep 2014

EOS Online Training

We are delighted to be developer for the EOS online training project which will provide a fully configurable e-training design and delivery platform for multiple clients.

16 Aug 2014

Our Social Diary

Find things to do in Bristol and Bath! ASP.NET MVC5 and the Zurb Foundation used to make this responsive website. Try it on your mobile!

20 Apr 2014

Responsive Applications

We are very excited now to be developing responsive applications with Bootstrap 3 and ASP.NET MVC5

01 Apr 2014

Clubhouse Race Entry Payment

The Clubhouse Race Organiser now has PayPal race entry payment and ticketing available as an option.

01 Nov 2013

Clubhouse Club Organiser

The Clubhouse Club Organiser (with Race Organiser for club races) is now available as an option in Clubhouse.

12 Oct 2013

Clubhouse Results Publishing

We have added a data warehouse to Clubhouse to keep response times good. There are now 3 million race results in Clubhouse!

29 Aug 2013

Ubiquity Website

We have created the Ubiquity website which will disseminate Ubiquity knowledge and publications.

26 Mar 2013

Clubhouse v2 Live

Clubhouse v2 was launched today with its great new look by Dirty Design.

Clubhouse is now a MVC3 ASP.NET application using the latest VSC technology platform.

25 Feb 2013

Charge Manager v1 Live

Version 1 of a new Charge Manager application for independent financial advisors is released this week by Anderson Bell Ltd. VSC has programmed the site and its database to graphic styling by Bristol's Dirty Design.

23 Dec 2012

New IStructE E-Training Site

The new version of the IStructE E-Training website is nearing release. VSC was appointed in July to update the existing e-training website provided by ETS Ltd to the latest IStructE website styling.

12 Nov 2012

Great New Look for Clubhouse

We are very excited about the new graphic design for the existing Clubhouse website. The revamped site is due for release early 2013.

10 Oct 2012

Ubiquity 2 Website

VSC have created the Ubiquity 2 website to store project lifetime data. This also acts as a technology sample for MVC3 and the Razor View Engine.